its stupid how in shows like two guys can look at each other for like 2 seconds and people will be like whoa…are they gay? ?? ?? then for girls they could be like fisting for 23 episodes and people will be like hmmm idk it could be platonic


gotham is so good like who would have guessed a show centered around batmans origin without batman actually being there could go all the way off!

bc it has Jada Pinkett Smith in it




how little willam cared throughout this episode gives me life

I love willam so much

Yassss, Willam for life. 🙌


that feeling when you listen to a song with good heaphones for the first time and suddenly you notice 7 new instruments, a child singing harmonies in the background, and you’re just sitting there wide eyed and in love with the song all over again


Hey this lineart doesn’t look that bad!

*turns off sketch layer*